Sacrificial Lamb.. or Ram? Ehm…I just want to make it into a mantou!

Freshly and Lovingly Steamed : 16th Jan 2015



I was at church today when Pastor spoke about the sacrificial lamb. It stirred this desire within. A desire which I have been wanting to realise. This idea was conceived way ahead i.e. at least 1 month back but I just do not have the desire and motivation to go ahead with it. Weekend has been such precious time to rest and work on the business. However, I think its an apt timing today after hearing pastor Prince spoke about the sacrificial lamb.

This creation is nothing new. I am going to use my old trusted mantou recipe. The only difference is making it to look like a 3D ram. I only have an idea in my head of how to go about making it. Before I start, I pray that it will turn out to be exactly how I conceive it to be.

So here go:

You can refer to this post for the mantou recipe.馒头阿%E3%80%82%E3%80%82馒头%E3%80%82%E3%80%82我真的对你情有独钟%E3%80%82%E3%80%82steamed-buns/

To make this Ram Mantou:

1) Roll out 50g dough each and round it up. Place this main dough onto a piece of parchment paper. I cut a bigger square than normal since I know that it will expand while steaming and I need to cater for that.

2) Roll out 5g of dough each for the horn. Roll it out into long strips and then create it into a spiral. After testing it now, I realised that I probably need to coat this strip of dough with flour before rolling up into a spiral shape. In that case, the dough does not get fused into each other and the spiral will be more distinct.

3) position the horns onto both side of the dough

4) Then its now more free play. Pinch out dough size of 1g and 2g. Round it up and position it onto the body of the main dough. I suggest alternate of different sizes of dough.

5) This mantou took me a long time before of the individual doughs that you need to pinch out and position onto the main body of the mantou. You can get a friend to help! 😉

6) Once done, let it proof for another 15 minutes and follow the instructions in the mantou recipe to steam it.

7) Let these babies rest and cool down before using edible food colouring pen and draw in the eyes and nose.

Remember to steam it in medium heat. Too high a heat will cause the dough to burst!

I was seriously amused by the outcome. It is beyond my expectations but it certainly gave me a good laugh. I think baking should be fun and experimental. I truly enjoy the unexpected outcome and the laugh the whole family get out of it!. Although it is not very nice an outcome. I believe in learning from the mistakes. Hope you can enjoy this undesired outcome as well!. 😉


In Loving Memories of…..

Freshly and Lovingly Steamed on : 9th March 2014



I lost my family pet to Cancer last week.  The decision to put her to sleep was so heart wrenching. I can imagine the fear that she had when she was being brought into the ” execution” room. She was calm because she does not want us to be upset. She was in pain yet she remained docile. She finished her food although she is not able to hold them in anymore so that we will not be worried. She kept silence and not a sound of whining from the excruciating pain because she does not want us to feel pain for her.

Such a small little lump of fat brought us such tremendous joy and also pain at the same time. I think this is the last time we will ever get a pet. Her partner is still with us and I prayed hard that he does not pass away soon after. We heard his cries for her everyday. He even teared when he is no longer able to find her any where in the house.

I was not in the mood to bake or steam anything, the oven is stll not working as well. Nevertheless, I thought I can bring a smile to my family with this. Japanese steamed cake. I drew her onto the cake using the baby picture of this cute lump of fat. It does not look exactly the same after it got steamed since it puffed up. So I have also included the before and after pictures for your comparision.



Ingredients :

150g Pancake Mix
50g Granulated Sugar
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
2 Tsp Baking Powder
110g Plain Yoghurt
75g Egg (beatened)
1 Tbsp Canola Oil

Directions :

Mix all igredients together.

To create each colour batter, all you have to remember is to mix batter and flour in a 2:1 ratio.

Eg 2 tsp of batter to 1 tsp of plain flour. Then u add in the colouring according to your preference. You can draw any pictures onto the cake. Whatever your little heart desires.

Steam the cakes in a medium heat for 15 minutes.



玫瑰花红枣馒头 – 养生篇^_^

Freshly and Lovingly Steamed on : 1st Mar 2014



Yes, another Mantou. Forgive me dear friends. My oven is still in tremendous ICU condition. I wondered if I need to give it an honorable funeral anytime soon. It beseeched me not to and I do not bear to as well. Not matter what, it had kept me company during the darkest period of my life. I am sentimental. I am soft hearted. I cannot withstand persistent begging.

So …. I am back to steaming once again. I have been feeling rather off recently. The stress level has created some imbalances in my life. I figure it’s time for food therapy. In this Mantou, I attempted to incorporate rose and red dates. This is a healthy snack since I made it small and the ingredients are very good for woman as far as I know  in my limited knowledge of TCM.

Disclaimer: I am not a Chinese physician, I am not giving medical advices. Eat at your own risk. ( me munching away as I wrote).

The basic dough is the same as the previous Mantou item. So here goes:


300g Hong Kong Flour
3 Tbsp Freshly grounded rose buds
3g Instant Yeast
3g Baking Powder
40g Granulated Sugar
160ml Water
15g Canola oil

10g Red dates ( grind it into a coarse paste)
1 Tbsp freshly ground rose buds
Honey to taste


Mix flour, yeast, baking powder, ground rose buds and sugar together in the mixer bowl. Mix well before pouring in the water and oil. Stir with a spoon to combine before kneading it for 10 mins.

Cover it and let it proof for 1 hr or until double in size.

I shaped these into roses by flattening the dough and cutting out 5 cm diameter circles. I stacked one circle halfway on top of the other. 5 circles per rose although I attempted to stack 7 circles for one of them to see the effect.

For the filling, I basically mix the ingredients together.

I used the filling as the centre piece of the rose by rolling it into a rod shape and placed it at one end of the dough before rolling them up.

Let these proof for 15 mins. During which, hest up the water in the wok. Ensure the water is boiling before placing the buns in. Steam for 12 mins at medium heat.




馒头阿。。馒头。。我真的对你情有独钟。。Steamed Buns

Freshly and Lovingly Steamed on : 22nd Feb 2014


My oven is giving me tonnes of issue these few weeks. Every attempt at baking turned into episodes of disaster. I am at the bottom of the valley. I needed a helping hand but the electronic plate which Bosch technician said it is a must to replace will take weeks to arrive.

I have endured weeks of non activities. I missed the smell. I missed sinking my hand into the dough. I missed producing pieces of work here.

It looks like I will not be able to use the oven for a while. So I resorted to steaming. I have never been able to produce very flawless steamed buns before. Since my oven is down, its God’s will that I try steaming these buns again.

I was pacing up and down this little space of mine while waiting for the end result. You cannot imagine the joy when I lifted up the wok cover to see these pillowy pigs. Just totally happy. Okie, I shall leave this recipe with you and get on to prepare my night out with the girls.





300g + 2 Tbsp Hongkong Flour
(300克 + 2 汤匙 水仙粉)
3g Instant Yeast
3g Baking Powder
40g Granulated Sugar
160ml Water
15g Canola oil


Mix flour, yeast, baking powder and sugar together in the mixer bowl. Mix well before pouring in the water and oil. Stir with a spoon to combine before kneading it for 10 mins.


Cover it and let it proof for 1 hr or until double in size. Once that is done, divide into 45g dough. Round these up and placed it on square pieces of parchment paper. The ears, nose and tail are made of 1g each of dough. Eyes are simply sesame seeds.

面团揉好侯用保鲜纸盖上。让面团发酵1小时或直到面团发至两倍大后进行切割。分成45克的小面团。整理成圆形。鼻子,耳朵和尾巴的面团各1克的重量, 也整理成圆形备用。眼睛部分是用黑芝麻形成。把猪猪照型做成就可进入第二次发酵。

Let it proof for 15 mins. During which, hest up the water in the wok. Ensure the water is boiling before placing the buns in. Steam for 12 mins at medium heat.


Do not lift the cover once you off the heat. Let it rest for 2 mins.


This is a plain bun because I am testing recipe. You can put any desired fillings in if you wanna to attempt it. 🙂


小猪猪馒头,我的最爱!Chinese Steamed Bun.

Mantou can be interesting. Especially if you are trying to coax your kids to eat it. Today recipe is really easy to master.

What do you need?

1) 285g of APF
2) 3g instant yeast
3) 150g water
4) 10g Oil – I use canola oil
5) 40g Sugar
6) a pinch of Salt
7) Pink Colouring

How do you make it?

1) Mix item #2 to 6 well.
2) Sift item #1 into the batter you have created in step 1.
3) Mix well
4) Turn it onto a clean table top and knead until smooth.
5) Return the kneaded dough into a deep bowl and cover with a damp cloth.
6) Let it rest for 30 mins.
7) This dough is enough for seven mantou of 60g each.
Mix and knead in a little pink colouring into the left over dough.
9) Now you have a pink dough which you can divide up.
– 14 small pieces of 2 g dough for the ears
– 7 small pieces of 6g dough for the nose
10) Assemble up the pieces and let it proof for another 30 mins.
11) Get ready your steamer and make sure its boiling hot before you put in your dough for steaming.
12) Steam it for 20 mins.