Pandas made of egg whites!

Freshly and Lovingly created on 18th Aug 2016

Panda 10

I have been messing around the tiny kitchen with ideas. I love preparing my food whenever possible and dressing them up.

A girlfriend and I have a health food challenge. We will take turns to name ingredients to be use in the challenge and then we will incorporate those into the dishes that we each going to prepare. This week ingredients in question are eggs and mushrooms. I am thinking that cannot be too difficult. Well, the truth is, I am not a chef and hence it did took me a while to came up with a concept.

She loves pandas. I have been to her place. Giant Panda picture and cute panda ornaments. I thought maybe making edible pandas with eggs might make her happy. So I use my baking experience with egg whites and came up with this.

Basically since this is going to be a savoury dish, I add a little salt to the egg whites I am going to whip up. Its as simple as using a handheld whip and whip the egg whites plus salt into stiff peak.

Before I do so, I get all my other stuffs ready since everything have to happen in lightning speed. The eyes, arms and ears etc required a darker colour. So since this is also a mushroom challenge, I did grind up some fragrant porcini mushrooms and get ready some charcoal powder. That charcoal powder was initially prepare as a reserve ingredient(Just in case the ground porcini mushrooms do not give me the colour that I wanted).

After whipping up the egg whites, I took 3 tbsp of it into a separate bowl. In that bowl, I add in the ground porcini mushrooms. Indeed, it did not give me the colour that I wanted. So I added charcoal powder until it give me a good enough black colour which I needed. I also get ready piping bags with piping tips.

Once the egg whites are ready, I scooped the whites into a big piping bag and started piping big round dollop of it. That will give me the body of the pandas. Then I use the smaller piping bag with a smaller tip and add in the ears, eyes, arms and legs. The last piping goes to the nose using the whites.

Panda 4While piping, I already heat up my oven to 185 degree. Once your pandas are piped, bake it for 6 to 8 mins. When it started to brown, you can take it out of the oven.


Let cool and serve!

In this project, I have cooked some tri-colour quinoa and season them with ground porcini mushrooms. That will serve as the “dirt” on which the pandas can rest on. I have some coriander as well to garnish as the Panda’s food!

Panda 5

Panda 1

Panda 3











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