My first ever Challah Bread shaped into 2 ways!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked: 20th Sept 2015



I am surprised. Surprised that it did not occur to me that I should bake this until I saw a message from a girlfriend on what are usually eaten on Jewish holiday and Sabbath day.

This Challah is intended to be bake for Rosh Hashanah. Round Challah symbolised perfection and infinity, expressing the hope for a perfect year, free of troubles and tribulations, a year of unlimited blessings. Sometimes. this round challah is adorned with a crown made of a small plaited piece of dough. But I figured I can make it into a big crown instead. The crown commemorating the prayers of Rosh Hashanah proclaiming the our Father God over the universe! To me the crown is also the crown of thorns which Jesus wore during his torturous journey during crucifixion.

1-4 baked crown

braided top view close up sliced

I have shaped this dough into 2 different design. One as a 4 braided Challah and the other one as a crown! Whatever it is, the basic dough is key!


3 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Hot Water – 1 tbsp
6g Instant Yeast
1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
5g Salt
56g Unsalted Butter
2 Eggs
2 Egg Yorks


Place all dry ingredients into the mixing bowl. Place cubed butter into a metal bowl and boil some water. Measure 1/2 Cup of this boiled water and pour it into the bowl containing the butter. Let it sit for a while. The butter will melt and stirred it to mix it well. Let it sit for a while because it will be too hot. Let it cool down for 20 minutes and add the eggs and yorks into it. Mix them well. Then pour this liquid into the dry mixture and combine it.

Knead it till it passed the window pane test and let it proof until it is doubled in size. Punch it down.

Weight of dough for the crown: 380g
Weight of dough for the braided challah: 400g

Direction for the shaping of the crown:

Basically,  it is the same concept of using a rose shaping method. Each rose will weigh 95g. Each petal will be around 19g. So you divide up each 95g into 5 pieces, round it up and flatten it. Then stack the flatten piece on top of each other. The overlapping petal will only cover half of the petal below. Then you will start to roll it up starting from the left. Once that is done, slice it by half and you can position each half onto the baking tray. Repeat and you will be able to position all halves into a circle.

Raw version:





For the braided challah, simply divide it into 2 and roll it up into long strings. I think you can find  a lot of youtube video on how to braid such a challah!

Raw version:

braided challah

side challah w seeds

This dough is very easy to handle so you can always undo the plaits if you lost track of the time!

Once done, let is proof for another 30 minutes before giving it an egg white wash. For the braided version, I sprinkled some seeds on it. Usually it is poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

side challah w seeds

Bake it in a preheated oven of 180 degree for 25 minutes. I tent it 5 minutes into the baking process to prevent excessive browning!






2 thoughts on “My first ever Challah Bread shaped into 2 ways!

  1. Your challot are beautiful. However, challah dough is generally made with oil rather than butter, for if it is made with butter it cannot be eaten at the same meal where meat is served.

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